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강연자 & 자료

Lee, In Hyung

페이지 정보


Lee, In Hyung

Senior Fellow and Research Director, Korea Capital Market Institute


Seoul National University, BA in International Economics, 1986

Brown University, MA in Economics, 1987

Brown University Ph.D. in Economics, 1992


Assistant Professor, University of Suwon, 1992.9~1995.3

Research Head, Finance Research Center, LG Economic Research Institute 1995.3~1998.3

Associate Professor, University of Suwon, 1998.3~2008.9

Dean of Graduate School of Financial Engineering, University of Suwon, 2006.9~2007.9

Vice President, Korea Capital Market Institute, 2008.9 ~ Present



Member, Qualitative Risk Management Committee, Financial Services Commission, 2013~Present

Member, KOSDAQ Market Development Committee, Korea Exchange, 2012~Present

Member, Financial Asset Management Committee, Korea Trade Insurance Corporation, 2012~2016

Member, Media and Telecommunications Development Fund Risk Management Committee, 2011~2015

Board Director, Daishin Securities Co. Ltd., 2011~2016

Member, Delisting Review Committee for the KOSDAQ Market, Korea Exchange, 2010~2012

Member, The Committee for Financial Advancement Review, Financial Services Commission, 2010

Advisory Committee Member, Macro-Prudential Analysis Advisory Committee, Financial Supervisory Service, 2010

Member, The Korean Teacher’s Pension Risk Management Committee, 2009~Present

Member, Korea National Pension Service Risk Management Committee, 2009~2010

Member, Evaluation Committee for Public Fund Management, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, 2008

Research Member, Research Committee on International Financial Markets, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2008


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