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Paul Sin

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Paul Sin

FinTech Partner, Deloitte Consulting

Dr Paul Sin has 20 years of IT management and consulting experience, and is now leading

the FinTech consulting practice in Deloitte China, focusing on Blockchain, Cognitive Computing,

Big Data, etc.  Prior to Deloitte, Paul served as CEO of Fintech, CIO / IT Director for Major Banks

and Brokerage Firm, China JV, and Global Conglomerate, as well as consulting practice leader

for EY, PwC, and IBM focused on Financial Services Sector.


서울특별시 용산구 효창원로 154, 파이낸셜뉴스빌딩 3층 | TEL. 02-6965-0016 | FAX. 02-6965-0000 | E-mail :
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