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Sean Shin

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Sean Shin

CEO, DAYLI Financial Group


BA in Business Administration, Korea University (2002)

MBA, Syracuse University (2008)



2001     Banking division, Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers

2008     Insurance & Financial Service, Tower Watson(Seoul/Hong Kong)

2010     Equity analyst(financials), Miraeasset Securities

2012     Equity analyst(financials/holdings), Hana Financial Investment

2015     Vice president, DAYLI Financial Group

2016. 4 ~ Co-CEO, DAYLI Financial Group



Certified Public Accountant (2001, Korea)

Fellow of Insurance Association of Korea (2007) and Fellow of Societies of Actuaries (2013)

Thomson Reuters Asia best analyst(financials/3 times 1st ranked during 2012~2014)

Maekyung & Hankyung best analyst(financials/24 times 1st ranked during 2011~2015 


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