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강연자 & 자료

Kim, Shi Hyeong

페이지 정보


Kim, Shi Hyeong

Director General, IP Protection & International Cooperation Bureau, Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)


<Education> 1993 Bachelor of Laws, Busan National University, Korea <Career> Present Director General, IP Protection & Int. Cooperation Bureau, KIPO 2021 Deputy Director General, Administrative Appeals, Administrative Appeals Bureau, Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission (ACRC) 2021 Administrative Judge, IP Trial and Appeal Board, KIPO 2020 Director, Planning & Finance Division, Planning & Coordination Bureau, KIPO 2019 Director, IP Promotion Bureau, Office of IP Strategy & Planning, Presidential Council on Intellectual Property 2016 Director, Organization & Management Innovation Division, KIPO 2013 IP Attaché, Permanent Mission of the ROK to the United Nations in Geneva 2006 Spokesperson, KIPO Director, IP Human Resources Division, KIPO Head, Performance Management Team, KIPO 2004 Senior Deputy Director, Trademark Examination Division, KIPO Senior Deputy Director, Human Resources Innovation Division, KIPO 1998 Deputy Director, Human Resources Management Division, KIPO Deputy Director, International Cooperation Division, KIPO Deputy Director, Examination Criteria Division, KIPO 1997 Deputy Director, Investigation Division, Management Bureau, KIPO 1996 Deputy Director, Ministry of Government Administration 1995 Passed the 39th National Public Administration Examination  


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