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Friedhelm Schnitzler

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Friedhelm Schnitzler

Head, International Health Consulting

International Health Consulting, Former Vice President of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
Freddy Schnitzler looks back on more than 30 years of Global Health Insurance Experience working for affiliates of Munich Re Group, Samsung Group and Assignments by the European Union.
During his work for Munich Re Group’s affiliate DKV he was involved in major market strategy projects looking into European and Asian health care systems and health insurance markets.
Since 2002, Freddy is dedicated to Asia with a major focus on Korea. He was for four consecutive years Chairman of the Insurance Committee of the European Chamber of Commerce in Korea and served three years as Vice President for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.
Freddy is well connected in the global as well as the Korean health environment and is regular speaker and lecturer focusing on sustainable funding of health insurance

for aging societies, population health management and solid development of public private partnership models.


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