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강연자 & 자료

Ha, Tae Hyung

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Ha, Tae Hyung

Dean, Financial Engineering School, Suwon University


Tae H. Ha is a senior advisor at Yulchon. His practice covers the broad areas of financial industry 

including securities, asset managements and corporate finance. As one of the top experts on 

Korean derivatives, he has accumulated vast field experience in Korean financial market after 

receiving his Ph.D degree with a thesis on American financial derivatives. In the year 2011, he 

joined academia as the dean of Financial Engineering School in Suwon University. In 2014, he 

was appointed as the president of Hyundai Research Institute, the affiliated firm of Hyundai Group, 

well-known as one of the largest private sector think-tanks in Korea.



-   State University of New York (SUNY)-Binghamton, Ph.D. (1992)

-   KAIST, M.A. (1984)

-   Seoul National University, B.A. (1982)



-   Yulchon LLC (2015-present)

-   Non-executive director, MiCo Co., Ltd. (2016-present)

-   Professor, Suwon University (2016-present)

-   Vice-Chairman, Korean Society of Strategic Management (2014-present)



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