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강연자 & 자료

Lee, Jin Soo

페이지 정보


Lee, Jin Soo

CEO, Kakao Entertainment


As the CEO of Kakao Entertainment, which was launched by the merger of Kakao Page, Kakao M,

and Melon in 2021, he has led Kakao to expand its global markets with its unrivaled capabilities

encompassing all areas of entertainment, from source IPs such as webtoons and web novels

to dramas, movies, music, performance contents, and actor management.

In 2010, he founded Podotreein, which is considered the predecessor of Kakao Page and played

an important role in developing the free webtoon and web novel market into the current one by introducing

an innovative business model, what is called 'wait free.' With active investment in the Korean creative ecosystem,

Kakao Entertainment has made K-webtoons hit and to be considered as the 'next Hallyu content' in global markets

such as Japan, the US, Greater China Area, ASEAN. Kakao Entertainment, which has created

a business portfolio covering all content areas, intends to present a new entertainment flow to the global market

by working with creators around the world with its comprehensive entertainment capabilities and IP value chain synergy.



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