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강연자 & 자료

Kudzi Chikumbu

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Kudzi Chikumbu

Director, Creator Community, TickTok(USA)



Kudzi Chikumbu is in charge of building a community of creators with diversity and inclusiveness,

such as creator marketing, partnerships, and education, which encourages TikTok creators can work creatively.

With his career as a creator, he develops a content strategy for popular creators of TikTok,

holds various creator programs centered on diversity contributing to nurturing creators. Kudzi Chikumbu

was selected in AdWeek's 'Innovative Executives', Fortune's '40 Young Leaders under 40', and

the Hollywood Reporter's 'Next Generation Talent 2019: 25 Hollywood Rising Executives.

He also received multiple awards, including the 2021 'The Culture Creators Technology Award

and the 2020 ADCOLOR Innovator award'.



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