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강연자 & 자료

Ro, Seung Yun

페이지 정보


Ro, Seung Yun

Head, Global IP Business, NAVER WEBTOON



In Naver Webtoon, Ro, Seoung Yun is in charge of the secondary business using webtoon and web novel IP.

Naver Webtoon was spun off in May 2017 after Naver's in-house independent company (CIC) in 2015.

Naver Webtoon provides Webtoon services including 'Naver Webtoon (Korea)', 'LINE Webtoon (Southeast Asia)',

'Webtoon (North America, Latin America, Europe)', and 'LINE MANGA (Japan) in 10 languages ​​around the world.

It operates and has 82 million monthly subscribers. With its unrivarly position as a global entertainment company,

Naver Webtoon has been expanding its business areas to movies, dramas, games, publishing, sound sources,

and character licenses with its the original IP of webtoons and web novels.



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