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Cho, Hyun

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Cho, Hyun

IPX Metaverse Business



After working with LINE and YG Entertainment, IPX (formerly Line Friends), Cho, Hyun is in charge of

the digital character IP-based metaverse/NFT business. This year, IPX changed its company name and

is working hard to become a ‘digital IP platform company’ by expanding its metaverse/NFT business

beyond retail business. To this end, IPX announced its official launch of ‘FRENZ’,

a character IP creation platform, which could be expanded with metaverse and NFT services. Along with this,

IPX has recently declared the IP 3.0 era where anyone in the world may create and own IP, making profits.

After its company name, IPX publicly released its first digital IP 'OOZ & mates' and virtual artist 'WADE.'

With the strategic cooperation and investment of the blockchain service platform 'PlayDapp,' IPX will

make every effort to improve its technological capabilities, leading the digital IP-centered metaverse era.



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