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Lee, Jay Min

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Lee, Jay Min

Vice Chairman, National Economic Advisory Council

Jay Min Lee

Professional Title and Institutional Affiliation:

Vice Chairman, the President’s National Economic Advisory Council (with the President as the Chairman), the Republic of Korea

and Emeritus Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Yonsei University, Korea



Ph.D. in Economics, 1983, Harvard University.

M.A. in Economics, 1975, Seoul National University.

B.A. in Economics, 1973, Seoul National University.



2002-2015: Editor, International Economic Journal (the journal of the Korea International Economic Association), published by Routledge. 

2002-2014: International Advisory Board Member, Asian Business and Management.    

1989-2010: Co-Editor and Editorial Board Member, Seoul Journal of Economics (published by Seoul National University).

2006-2007: Member of the President’s National Economic Advisory Council, the Republic of Korea.

2006-2007: President, Korea Development Economics Association

2005-2006: Visiting Professor, the Department of Economics and the Council on East Asian Studies, Yale University.

2003-2005: Member of the Presidential Commission for Policy Planning, the Republic of Korea.

2002-2004: Member of the Price Stabilization Commission, Ministry of Finance and Economics, the Republic of Korea.

2001-2003: President, Korean Economic History Association

2001-2003: Member of the Industrial Policy Commission, Ministry of Industry and Energy, the Republic of Korea.

1999: Visiting Fellow, Kiel Institute of World Economics, Germany

1997: Visiting Scholar, Rikkyo University, Japan.

1990-1991: Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Economics and Politics, Cambridge University

1982-1983: Tutor, Department of Economics, Harvard University.

1973-1975: Research Staff, the Bank of Korea.



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