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강연자 & 자료

Yun, Chang Hyun

페이지 정보


Yun, Chang Hyun

Professor, University of Seoul

Current Positions

Aug 2005: Professor of Finance at the Business Administration Division in the University of Seoul

Sep. 2017: Member of Credit Counselling and Recovery Service Committee

Mar 2016: Chairman of Advisory Board of Financial Supervisory Service

Nov 2008 : Director of Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies


Past Positions


Oct 2015Oct 2017 : Chairman of Public Fund Oversight Committee of Korea

Jan 2016Jan 2017 : Chairman of Association of Korean Economy Studies

Mar 2012Mar 2015 : President of Korea institute of Finance ( leave of absence from University of Seoul)

Oct 2009Oct 2011 : Member of Presidential Committee on National Economic Advisors

June 2009June 2011 : Member of Presidential Committee on Sovereign Competitiveness

Mar. 2010Feb 2012 : Member of Presidential Committee on Social Integration

Jan 2008Jan 2009 : President of Korea Derivatives Association.

Jan 2009 Jan 2011 : Member of Deposit Insurance Committee in KDIC

Mar 1995 Aug 2005 : Professor of Finance at Myongji University

Sep 1993 Mar 1995 : Reasercher in Korea Institutue of Finance




The University of Chicago : September 1987- August 1993

Ph.D in Economics ( Derivatives and International Finance )

Dissertation topic : Time Varying Risk Factors and Risk Premiums in Commodity and Financial Futures Markets


Seoul National University : March 1979 September 1987

M.A. in Economics : September 1987

B.A. in Economics : February 1986

B.A. in Physics : February 1984


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