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Lee, In Hyung

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Lee, In Hyung

Vice President, Korea Capital Market Institute

Inhyung Lee is currently the Vice President and Senior Fellow at Korea Capital Market Institute (KCMI).

He joined KCMI in 2008 and headed the Capital Markets Division where he carried out numerous projects commissioned

by Ministry of Strategy and Finance and Financial Services Commission.

His expertise has been resourced in areas of capital market development and foreign exchange policy,

while extending his interest into securities exchange market issues through consultation relationship with the Korea Exchange.


Prior to joining KCMI, he taught at the Graduate School of Financial Engineering, University of Suwon during 1998~2008

and also chaired as the Dean for three years. His recent public service includes committee member for the Financial Services

Commission’s various working committee groups and participated in numerous risk management committees

such as The Korean Teacher’s Pension and Korea National Pension Service.


His research area is asset pricing and foreign exchange markets. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Brown University,

and a B.A. in economics from Seoul National University.


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