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More than 20 years ago experts predicted that every company would become 

an internet company.  I’m predicting today that every company will become an AI company, 

not because they can, but because of the must.”


This is what Arvind Krishna, the CEO of IBM prophesied and it has come true. 

Without a doubt, companies not using AI technology will not survive and the gap 

between AI companies and those not using AI. Artificial Intelligence is being widely used 

in diverse industries like manufacturing, distribution, education, and finance.


So far, we have solely focused on technological progress with big data and deep learning, 

However, it is about time the focus should be on the goal of “coexistence' of humans and AI.” 

If we fail to find ways how humans live with AI, AI is expected to lose its value.


Accordingly, the Financial News, Korea’s first-class economy newspaper 

and the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers (IEIE), the largest academic institution 

in Korea, are jointly holding  "AI World 2021" under the major theme of 'Are you ready for AI?'.


In this forum, we will discuss our lives coexisting with AI technology, 

and find solutions to the problems that need to be addressed to coexist with AI in our daily lives.


We would be grateful for your interest and support.







Title         :  AI World 2021 


Theme    :  Are You Ready for AI?


Date        :  October 21th(Thur), 2021, 09:20 - 12:00 (KST)


Venue     :  The Studio 4, Conrad Seoul


Host        :  The Financial News, the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers (IEIE)


Sponsor :  Ministry of Science and ICT


Contact   :  AI World 2021 Secretariat

                    Tel, +82-2-6965-0016 / E-mail,


서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 315, 파이낸셜뉴스빌딩 9층 | TEL. 02-6965-0016 | FAX. 02-6965-0000 | E-mail :
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