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The Financial News is pleased to host the 2024 Financial Insight Network Days (FIND) 

on Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday, April 25.

Since 2000, The Financial News has been organizing some of Asia's premier finance and 

investment events, including the Seoul International Finance Forum and

the Seoul International Alternative Investments and Derivatives Conference.

The theme of this year's FIND is "Beyond Collaboration to Alliance: Financial Alliances and the New Regime.“

Geopolitical crisis continues in 2024 with wars, US-China conflicts, and elections worldwide, 

including the US presidential election. This leads to growing concerns about the blocification of economies

and the fragmentation of the financial market, with potential implications for financial stability.

In the face of these challenges, we need to find ways to weather the risks, create value, and discover

new business opportunities through financial alliances that go beyond solidarity, coexistence and cooperation.

Financial alliances have their roots in the 18th century, when a group of Quaker merchants,

a Christian denomination in the United Kingdom, formed an alliance to end the slave trade. 

The world's first ESG fund, now considered one of the founding fathers of sustainable finance, 

inherited their commitment to responsible investing. Financial alliances also resonate with the spirit of "win-win finance,"

where finance contributes to society, which is the hottest topic in the Korean financial industry this year. 

The 25th Seoul International Finance Forum will be held on Wednesday, April 24. 

It will gather local and international scholars and financial experts to discuss the possibilities of financial 

alliances in the face of uncertainties brought by geopolitical risks, share insights on the new financial regime

envisioned by Korea's surrounding countries, i.e., the U.S., China, and Japan, amid the shaky dollar dominance,

and explore ways forward for the Korean financial market. It will also be an opportunity to anticipate 

the future of new financial technologies that are blurring the boundaries between the financial 

and non-financial sectors for greater collaboration. 

On Thursday, April 25, the Seoul International Alternative Investments and Derivatives Conference 

will provide a forum to explore the investment opportunities that are driven by the new G (governance) beyond growth.

The so-called "money game" is expected to dominate the market this year. 

Persistently high interest rates and falling valuations are driving money into good investments.

Another prominent trend will be corporate restructuring through mergers and acquisitions. 

Driven by the motivation to reduce costs, they are working to acquire and bolt-on competitors in order to 

reduce costs from competition. In this edition of FIND, we will explore the crisis and solutions to this challenge.







The 25th Seoul International

Finance Forum

The 22nd Seoul International

A&D Conference


Beyond Collaboration to Alliance: Financial Alliances and the New Regime

A new regime, the new 'G' is coming


April 24, 2024 (Wed),

09:00 - 15:20

April 25, 2024 (Thu),

09:00 - 15:00


Yeouido Fairmont Ambassador Seoul, Grand Ballroom (B1F)


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